Episode 26: Fantastic Four Unlimited #1

There are only two issues of Fantastic Four on the docket for this podcast. But with it being an oversized issue like this, host Nathaniel Wayne had to bring in one half of the Fantasticast. Andrew Leyland comes in to help take a look at what happens when Marvel’s First Family goes EXTREME.

Listen to Episode 26: Fantastic Four Unlimited #1.

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Ok so this doesn’t work, but the interior art is a different art team, so maybe it gets better.

And now for some interior pages from the comic written by Roy Thomas and with art by Herb Trimpe.


Ok, so this isn’t off to a good start on the inside either.


Notice the guy behind Black Panther and to the right. This has got to be his first day on the job.


I don’t even have words at this point.


“Somebody call 911, the boss had a stroke!”


I can’t figure out what’s worse, Mr. Fantastic carrying that gun, or whatever’s happened to his head.


How about we pallet cleanse with an actual good piece of art, by Dave Hoover.

Finally, a reminder that the podcast theme song is by Erica Driesbach,and you can find more of her work at her website right here.


4 thoughts on “Episode 26: Fantastic Four Unlimited #1

  1. Wow. That is some of the worst 90s art I’ve seen. What happened to proportions? Oh wait..90s. When someone’s thigh is 4 times the size of the characters head, something is seriously wrong. Also did Reed completely shift 180 to punch that guy? I know he’s flexible but ow. From Sue’s reaction you’d think that she just saw Galactus eat Franklin. The cover…oh boy…what happened to Reed’s eyes? I didn’t know about this show but I’m definitely going to check it out Gene. It’s the least I could do so you and Andy don’t suffer alone through this. Well maybe the story is better than the art. I’ll let you know after I listen to it.


  2. Well, props to you two fine gentleman, you managed to make a very entertaining episode out of a comic that kills off a piece of my soul every time I look at it.

    This thing is painful for 2 reasons, 1-for how it treats my beloved Fantastic Four, one of the most classic and wholesome staples of the Marvel Universe, and 2-for how Herb Trimpe, classic Hulk artist, co-creator of GI JOE and artist of the first few issues of that series as well as the Marvel Transformers run, is forced to draw in this shitty style by his editor. Having read all about Herb’s struggles with Marvel at this time when they were forcing him to draw in a garbage “style” (if you can even call it that) to emulate the HOT (SO BLAZING HOT THAT IT WILL MELT YOUR FACE OFF) STYLE really irks me. Force him to draw shit, then pulled the rug out from under him when it no longer resonated with a market saturated with shit. Too bad they had to drug the Fantastic Four and an incredible artist through the mud in the process.

    Herb’s struggle is documented here:

    Great work as always, you took an issue worthy of toiler paper in a pinch, and made it one hell of a gut-busting episode to listen to. Props fellas!


  3. Frank says:

    I feel tainted for liking that money shot of WWII Black Panther after finding out it was drawn by Dave Hoover, but it’s nice all the same. He looks suspiciously similar to an early ’70s Roy Thomas co-creation, Red Wolf. Not sure if Frank Frazatta got there first. You guys beat this comic to a bloody pulp, so nothing more to add.


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