Episode 27: The Amazing Spider-Man #366

Back when host Nathaniel Wayne covered issue #365 in episode 19, that ended with the surprise reveal that Spidey’s long dead parents are in fact alive. Time to find out how that happened and what mysterious villain is involved! Oh wait, he’s right there on the cover. Twice in fact. Nevermind, we can go home everybody!

Listen to Episode 27: The Amazing Spider-Man #366.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 27: The Amazing Spider-Man #366

  1. Another excellent episode, Nathaniel! So glad to know I wasn’t the only one who associated Taskmaster with Red Skull. I was almost certain Taskmaster was his son or something (it was quite a while before I learned Taskmaster’s skull was just a mask, but hey I was young and made associations based on what little comics knowledge I had then).

    I can pretty much agree, even with having read a few more appearance of Solo than what it sounds like you have, I have no real clue what he is supposed to be either. Basically he always felt like the guy you use when editorial won’t let you put the Punisher in your book.

    Interesting that you covered this specific issue, as I have actually covered #367 over on my own blog. If you’re curious to find out about what incredibly EXTREEEEME horrors await, feel free to swing on over and read my review. http://coffeecomicsreading.blogspot.com/2016/02/amazing-spider-man-367.html Or don’t. Some things might be best left unseen.


  2. Frank says:

    When I saw that this was another Spider-Man comic, I was like “ugh, again.” Thankfully most of the plot revolved around not one but two Red Skulls. While not my favorite Captain America villain thanks to overuse, pitting him against Spider-Man was much more novel. I also enjoy their playing with the retconned 1950s Red Skull (though I thought he was a commie, so why the Ruskie intercept?) and making the Parkers’ ties to espionage more believable. Solo was everything you said and not much more, though I think his gimmick was that he could teleport. Wild Dog was already the Punisher of domestic terrorists, and had a better look than Solo, so he needed something. I usually like Jerry Bingham a lot, but he usually looks like Neal Adams trying to draw like Gene Colan. Clinton’s sample pages are so bad I barely recognized a glimmer of Bingham’s former work.

    Finally, thanks for running the DC Bloodlines promo. “Season Two” should begin around the time your next episode drops, and functions not unlike a companion to ’90s Comics Retrial in digging up Chromium Age relics and warning everyone that they themselves probably shouldn’t plunder these extreme crypts again. Bloodlines deviates by poking at the tombs of even earlier non-starters (Vixen & Captain Comet have shows coming,) plus I sometimes do funny voices and… yes… RESEARCH!


  3. Fantastic episode, I stayed away from Spider-Titles of this era, made the mistake of going back in at the clone saga. But I thoroughly enjoyed your fair savaging of this comic.

    The only thing I thought of when listening is that Red Skull came back into play after Captain America was re-awoken and the Red Skull who ‘killed’ Peter’s parents was the 1950’s commie spy-master version from the 50’s comics.

    Still most likely that’s been ret-conned away.

    Can’t wait for the next episode.


  4. Another great episode! Love when you revisit the 90s Spider-Man comics. I read a ton of those, so it’s fun to revisit this era occasionally.

    I don’t have anything deep to add to the conversation, but just wanted to say thanks for the episode!! Oh yeah, and it was creepy weird that you sent me a private message the same time I was listening to this episode. It was like you were watching me in car. Weirdo.


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