Episode 59: X-Cutioner’s Song Part 10

Are we building towards a climax or just a mountain of confusion?

Listen to Episode 59: X-Cutioner’s Song Part 10.

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One thought on “Episode 59: X-Cutioner’s Song Part 10

  1. Frank says:

    I was never won over by X-Factor at the conceptual level. When I started reading comics, the Beast, Iceman, and Angel were all members of non-mutant teams, and two of the three were typically the least appealing members of said teams. I only considered Cyclops and Phoenix to be “real” X-Men, and any time I read stories about the original team was an absolute chore. Basing a book on their reuniting was never going to be my cup of tea, and I frankly never cared for any of the creative teams over the first half decade of the book. Being an x-fan, I was coerced into buying and reading the book often, so they had plenty of opportunities to change my mind. I only became a fan of the book across Whilce Portacio’s short run, and the entire creative team swiftly moved over to Uncanny X-Men. After Mutant Genesis created two concurrent X-Men team absorbing the founding members, X-Factor was left with the afterbirth. I only picked it up out of completionism and for the writer.

    I had recently become a fan of Peter David through Incredible Hulk, unaware that I’d previously loved his “Death of Jean DeWolff” arc in Spectacular Spider-Man. David was not a well liked writer among Marvel editorial, so he always got the crap detail, like New Universe titles, and his roster was clearly an afterthought of never-wases. I figured I’d give the book an issue or three before dropping it, but was won over by the humor, camaraderie, hot takes, and the intriguing art of Larry Stroman (an unknown quantity to me.) As I bitterly broke with one x-title after another over the next two years, X-Factor was the one consistent bright spot. Personally, I found #86 to be the weakest of his three X-Cutioner’s Song chapters, and Jae Lee fared the worst here as well, but it was still head and shoulders over the other titles.

    X-Factor #87 is generally considered to be the best issue of the entire series, and the arrival of Joe Quesada certainly contributed. Unfortunately, Quesada couldn’t produce 22 pages a month, and efforts to accommodate him like back-up features and fill-ins made the book’s quality suffer mightily. The introduction of a ’90s tough anti-hero in Random further tanked the run. David had little tolerance for crossovers, only begrudgingly allowed for X-Cutioner’s Song, and was already having Fatal Attractions foisted on him half a year later. His last issue was #89; mine was #92. Less than two years and several creative teams later, the book was a Suicide Squad knock-off. In another two years it was cancelled just shy of #150.


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