Episode 58: X-Cutioner’s Song Part 9

We’ve done hero vs. hero to death, so will villain vs. villain be any fresher?

Listen to Episode 58: X-Cutioner’s Song Part 9.

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Finally, a reminder that the podcast theme song is by erica dreisbach, and you can find more of her work at her website right here.


One thought on “Episode 58: X-Cutioner’s Song Part 9

  1. Frank says:

    The cover of Uncanny X-Men #295 features crosshatching that has formed into a group of warring homunculus upon a sheet of paper. Inside there continues to be drawings of characters that resemble adaptations of other people’s drawings of characters more than the actual characters themselves. It features two of the most boring yet overused villains in the property’s history. The previous issue wasn’t much better and its acquittal was a miscarriage of fanboy justice.

    Uncanny #296’s cover also features drawings that resemble soulless, dimensionless approximations of things from comic books and real life standing in front of large sheets of monochromatic poster board. The antagonists are all peg warmers from the ToyBiz X-Men line. Chuckesmee makes an appearance. Give me all the early Image comics over this crap. Hell, give me Triumphant Comics. It would be a massive improvement.


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