Episode 25: Sabretooth #1&2

When you think of Wolverine’s villains there’s one name that undoubtedly floats to the top: Sabretooth. And in the 1993 Marvel decided to give the villain his own mini-series. Host Nathaniel Wayne takes a look at the first two issues of this attempt to give a vicious killer who’s literally characterized as having little personality beyond savagery his own title.

Listen to Episode 25: Sabretooth #1&2.

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Guess now the game is tag.

Finally, a reminder that the podcast theme song is by Erica Driesbach,and you can find more of her work at her website right here.


2 thoughts on “Episode 25: Sabretooth #1&2

  1. Frank says:

    I first met my podcasting partner Illegal Machine and his little brother when they began shopping at the comic shop I ran. The latter’s favorite, er, protagonist was Sabretooth, which frankly made me worry about his emotional stability and sociopathic inclinations. In retrospect, I think he was a kid with a lot to be angry about who needed the pure release of a giant snarling serial killer as a sort of silent primal scream therapy. I had bought Sabretooth #1 as an extension of my reading Wolverine purely for the Mark Texeira art, but even that wasn’t enough to bring me back for more after friggin’ Turbo-Sabretooth. However, a few years later, as part of an exchange program where I introduced the kid to good stuff like Grimjack, I got stuck reading this feeble mini-series (though I only remember anything from the issues through the podcast’s prompts.) As long as you don’t cover any more issues, I’ll keep repressing my memories of them, which seems like a thematically correct thing to do. I think he also made me read the Sabretooth & Mystique mini-series which might have been drawn by Ariel Olivetti, who I like but not even on the same continent of how much I like Texeira. I want to say one of the two revealed Mystique as Creed’s babymama, which bugged me for reasons not least of which was that she was coded as Destiny’s lesbian lover, but couldn’t bug me too much because, c’mon, it’s just Mystique and Sabretooth. Alternately, that happened late in the run of X-Factor, after it became one of Marvel’s many Suicide Squad lifts, and my awareness of that disturbs me.

    If my memory serves, Birdie and most of the other characters in this book either debuted there or had the barest set-up immediately prior in the pages of Wolverine. It’s all terrible and after I was in the Katie Holmes pre-divorce phase of my involvement with the Church of Mutantology. When I was still “in,” I liked Sabretooth well enough as Wolverine’s dark mirror. However, it’s worth noting to Netflix that the character started out as a Power Man & Iron Fist villain, often teamed with The Constrictor, so both should be fair game for use on the upcoming TV shows. They could be quite buzzy for The Defenders, as well.

    Finally, the important question: any Union issues forthcoming?


  2. You know what I hated in this era of X-comics? All the superfluous text on the cover in that sidebar. They either did that, or a giant logo, anything not give us a clean cover image. (Never mind the die cut that hides #1 on the stands.)

    Great expression on Mystique there. I know it’s a pain in the ass, but I miss getting to see interior art on the wordpress page. Ah well.


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