Episode #7: X-Force #1

Before he helped launch Image and that entailed, Rob Liefeld made a name for himself as one of the hottest talents over at Marvel. Much like his contemporary Jim Lee, he made his mark on the X-Men world though he went a step further. He created a whole new, much more EXTREME, team of mutants and called them X-Force. And then he proceeded to make sure that NO surface was left without pointless extra line work. Ryan Daly bravely joins host Nathaniel Wayne to see if there’s anything worth preserving out of the debut issue of this series, X-Force #1.

Listen to Episode 7: X-Force #1.


Meet the team.

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And now here are your choice page samplings of this book from the issue, with the art and story by Rob Liefeld and actual words on the page by Fabian Nicieza.


Behold my crotch!


“There’s a blank background, I need more lines!” “But captain, she can’t take anymore-” “I said more lines, NOW!”


Amputated hand or facehugger coming right at you?


The hazards of amateur dentistry.


It’s so chrome!


Behold My Crotch 2: The Crotchening.


What pupil-less hell have we entered into???

Ryan has a multitude of projects out there, but today I feel like plugging Dead Bothan Spies: A Star Wars Podcast.

Finally, a reminder that the podcast theme song is by Erica Driesbach,and you can find more of her work at her website right here.


3 thoughts on “Episode #7: X-Force #1

  1. I’m deathly afraid that I have this book since it came out before X-Men #1, but I don’t want to check. It may just be that I’ve seen so much Liefeld art on sites that mock it that I feel like I’ve seen a lot of these art pieces.

    As for WHY it’s all crotch-hatching–sorry, CROSS-hatching–I think the reasoning is that it tapped into the teen reader’s anxiety and alienation of the time. A nervous line, blank eyes, gritted teeth. It was how teenagers felt in the grungy 90s. I was a teenager in glam rock 80s, so the aesthetic was necessarily different, I guess.


  2. I have this issue (Don’t Judge Me, I’m a completist) but your podcast was a hilarious justifaction for having it. I can’t believe that I have never noticed the eyes thing. I can’t wait to see what pops up next.


  3. I finally got a chance to listen to this masterpiece! Great job, Nathaniel & Ryan!! You were relatively fair, but obviously had very little to say positive about this title. As memory serves, that’s about the right feelings to have.

    I was knee-deep in the X-universe at this point. I was buying Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor, etc, etc, New Mutants, and followed to X-Force. I even liked Liefeld’s earliest issues of New Mutants (when he had an inker).

    Besides the items you already covered, X-Force #1 is best remembered by me for two other things:

    1) Polybags!! X-Force came polybagged with a trading card. Oh, the 90s! Would have loved to hear you two discuss this.

    2) I earned my Sherlock Holmes merit badge with this issue! Remember the scene you both felt didn’t work where Cable uses his telekinesis and Domino insists he hides it? That was actually a HUGE scene for me! It takes a little history lesson…
    – X-Factor #68 came out May 28, 1991. In that story, Scott & Madelyne Pryor’s infant son (Madelyne was a clone of Jean Grey, don’t ask) was forcibly whisked away to the future in order to save his life. He was dying of a techno organic virus and he could only be saved in the future. Scott never expected to see his son again. His son was named Nathan Christoper Summers.
    – X-Force #1 came out a month later, June 25, 1991. In that scene you guys talked about it’s revealed that Cable’s real name is Nathan, he has telekinesis (like Jean Grey), and is keeping all this a secret.

    I just happened to read these comics back-to-back and realized that Cable was actually Scott’s infant son!! Blew my mind!! Marvel didn’t reveal this fact for another two years. During that time I told anyone standing still that Cable was Cyclops son, but no one believed me. This is the one single time that a wild prediction of mine came true. 🙂

    Again, great job covering the quintessential 90s book!


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