Episode #6: Shadowhawk #1 & 2

Every comic book line up needs an on the street style superhero. Marvel has Daredevil, DC has Batman (or more accurately the Bat Family because the Man himself is just as likely to be in space,) and Image put in their two cents with Shadowhawk. Host Nathaniel Wayne takes a look at the first two issues of Jim Valentino’s creation and sees if it’s worthy of the company it’s seeking or if it slips and breaks its own spine.

Listen to Episode 6: Shadowhawk #1 & 2.

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And now here are your choice page samplings of this book from the issue, with the art and story by Jim Valentino.


The thrilling story of A Nig Htm Are Wal Kin G!




Arson! The villain with a name so unique we had to be sure to put the trademark right over the exclamation mark, lest someone still our brilliantly original word!


I never thought I’d say this but… Hey lady, the 80s called, they want their… yeah you know how this goes.


We already hooked you with our striking first issue, but really we know you’re only here for Spawn.


Wow… that was… uh… a thing that happened… Yeah, it sure was that, boy howdy.

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