Episode 55: X-Cutioner’s Song Part 6

Hero vs. hero… what a novelty in this series.

Listen to Episode 55: X-Cutioner’s Song Part 6.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 55: X-Cutioner’s Song Part 6

  1. Ben says:

    Enjoying your detailed reviews of X-cutioner’s Song. This story was one of the last I purchased before quiting comics in the 90’s. The various X-book story arcs after this one were the ones that finally went too 90’s for me. I remember this story as being a lot of fun though, atleast if you were a dedicated X-fan. You’ve condemned both X-Factor issues so far and I think your right about both, but for the wrong reasons. Peter David isn’t a bad writer, he’s just never liked being forced to join a crossover and really this story has nothing to do with X-Factor other than the most minor of character arc material – mostly related to Rahne and her former friends on X-Force. This is clearly an X-Men/Uncanny 12 part story and it shows.

    If other issues of Peter David’s X-Factor, Hulk or especially Spider-Man 2099 pop up in your pile I hope you give them a fair shot, his non-crossover books are some of the shining stars of the 90’s.

    Looking forward to many more re-trials!


  2. Loving this coverage so much! Ben makes some valid points. Peter David’s X-Factor is usually heralded as the best X-book of the 90s. The fact that it’s falling flat here may be more due to the crossover. In fact, I’ve heard tales of this particular issues cover frustrating Peter David. This was one of the highest selling issues of his run. Look at the cover… which of these characters are X-Factor members? Answer… none. I can see why it would bother him. He was telling a pretty cool tale in these pages. Try X-FACTOR #87 to really get a flavor for what could be done with this book.

    Keep up the great coverage! Looking forward to the eventual feedback.. and discussion of the polybags!!!


  3. Frank says:

    You need remediation on nerdistprudence.I sure enjoyed the parts of the cover to this issue that weren’t poured out of an inkwell, and the fact that the interiors also reeked of locker room testosterone weeping out of the pores of Cable, Bishop, and Wooolverine! They gnashed their teeth so much and so hard that they occasionally ate their own lips and faces off only to use their mutant regeneration powers to regrow their noses a panel later and then ate them all over again. Eating your own face off makes scenery chewing seem quaint. That two page spread of Bishop ejaculating hot ammunition while his fellow bears visibly squirt pheromones of appreciation is the most effective gay conversion image in the history of Western Civilization. Cannonball and Havok’s taut thigh muscles dare you to notice that there are no backgrounds on any of these pages on penalty of devastatingly sinewy pelvic thrusts. Gambit is throwing poker cards through people’s brains and Archangel is beheading d-listers and Logan even calls Bishop his “bish” (swish swish.) I hereby convict X-Factor #87 on the charge of being the most maximum Chromium Age homoerotic awesomeness for all the ages, and will further level a contempt of court charge against Nathaniel Wayne for failing to see the intentional humorous excess here after he misguidedly awarded credit for same to the inferior likes of Pitt and Cyberforce.


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