Episode 53: X-Cutioner’s Song Part 4

Now hero will fight hero… again… as Nathaniel Wayne continues down the rabbit hole of this artifact of 90s era EXTREME.

Listen to Episode 53: X-Cutioner’s Song Part 4.

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Finally, a reminder that the podcast theme song is by erica dreisbach, and you can find more of her work at her website right here.


One thought on “Episode 53: X-Cutioner’s Song Part 4

  1. Frank says:

    Mark Puss-ella was also drawing X-Force before Greg Capullo came along, and while Capullo wasn’t as sexy as Jae Lee, he was still a welcome relief. Too bad the was another dumb x-people fighting amongst themselves while the supposed plot limps along issue. Oh, and Stevie Hunter was Kitty Pryde’s dance instructor, introduced in the same issue as my childhood comic book girlfriend.I think she was brought back just ahead of the Muir Island Saga that spurred X-Genesis, but I don’t think Claremont ever got around to doing whatever he planned to with her. So, she’s a handy hostage. Bleh.

    I recently read Tin Men of War in preparation for an upcoming episode of The Spawnometer. Given my negativity and filibustering on the Brigade episode, I plan to led my partner do all the talking on that one, and try to downplay his negativity. Cyberforce had a sense of humor lacking at Image, but it wasn’t actually funny and it only lessened how badly the book was written a few degrees above Image’s lesser fare. I’ll have to lean on Ryan to help me with slightly later Cyberforce material, because I won’t be able to trick Joe into reading beyond #4.


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