Episode 51: X-Cutioner’s Song Part 2

New book, new creative team, same storyline. Let’s see how well this flows.

Listen to Episode 51: X-Cutioner’s Song Part 2.

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Finally, a reminder that the podcast theme song is by erica dreisbach, and you can find more of her work at her website right here.


One thought on “Episode 51: X-Cutioner’s Song Part 2

  1. Frank says:

    I’ve never read Batman: Seduction of the Gun, and as a naively fervent defender of civil liberties, I wouldn’t have agreed with its politics in 1992. Nearly twenty years later, my priorities are vastly different, but I’m no more interested in reading what sounds like a shabby script drawn by an artist that certainly is in the running for one of my all time least loved mainstream “talents,” Vince Giarrano.

    As for X-Factor, I was sticking it out despite a run of stinky issues, including one by Mark Pacella. Boy, Pacella took everything I hated about Vince Giarrano and said “Hold my drink.” That immediately preceded X-Cutioner’s Song, and there was a streak of lackluster issues by dudes like Jim Fern and Terry Shoemaker, so Jae Lee was a tall drink of water to me. I had dug him on Namor, but not enough to stick with that lame title, so it pleased me much to see him on a book I halfway wanted to read. I can only question your guilty verdict here in light of your (nonsensical) acquittal of Parts 1 & 3. This issue may be very Chromium, but it’s a flavor of metal that I have a taste for. It’s very good at being what we wanted in a 1992 crossover involving polybagged trading cards.


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