Episode 49: Cyberforce #2

Meet Marc Silvestri’s answer to X-Men… or possibly his blatant rip off of X-Men. You know, tomato tomahto.

Listen to Episode 49: Cyberforce #2.

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One thought on “Episode 49: Cyberforce #2

  1. If I knew CYBER-FORCE was coming up on the docket I would’ve campaigned harder (at all) to guest on this episode. Of all the Image titles that came out in the ’90s, the three series I stuck around with the longest were Cyber-Force, Wetworks, and StormWatch. The common theme? Apparently, in the ’90s, based on my love of X-Force’s Cable and watching James Cameron’s ALIENS for the first time, I was really into futuristic paramilitary stories and visuals.

    Anyway, yeah, I always liked Cyber-Force, but it’s been well over a decade since I looked at anything more than the covers in my collection. I’m not sure if I would’ve convicted issue #2 for the same crimes you list in the episode, but I very well might. I remember feeling a jarring disjointedness between issues #3 and #4, not unlike what you describe in the middle of issue #2.

    And yes, there were numerous analogues to the X-Men among the early Image team books, but Cyber-Force’s are probably the most obvious.

    Stryker – Cable
    Ripclaw – Wolverine
    Impact – Colossus
    Cyblade – Psylocke
    Heatwave – Cyclops/Iceman/any generic guy who shoots energy
    Velocity – Kitty Pryde (or Jubilee or Armor or Rogue in the movies; the X-Men always have a young girl sidekick/newbie with the team)

    As for the villainous members of S.H.O.C.:

    I agree with everything you said about Killjoy, but the thing that’s stuck with me the most over twenty-five years… There was a MAD-style parody of Image Comics characters. I have no where or what this thing was, but I recall all the Cyber-Force characters getting parody names, and Killjoy’s name was Dead Boy Toy. Yikes!

    Buzzcut. I have the strongest memory of his name changing from Buzzkill to Buzzcut and back in various issues of the miniseries, like the writer could never remember what his name was from issue to issue–which should tell you all you need to know about these characters.

    I’m pretty sure the guy with the luchador mask went unnamed until issue #4 of the miniseries, and when his name finally was revealed… I want to say Psychotron. Yeah.

    Oh, and SPOILERS, but Ballistic and Velocity turn out to be sisters!

    Good episode. Kind of makes me want to reread this series, except my collection is a thousand miles away. I guess I’ll have to read 1960s Sub-Mariner comics instead.


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