Episode 39: Ghost Rider #35

Ghost Rider has shown up once before back in episode 30 with his appearance in Morbius #1. Now he’s flying solo, and host Nathaniel Wayne sees if he can juggle the three villains, two sidekicks and one random woman in an alley that he’s brought along for the ride.

Listen to Episode 39: Ghost Rider #35.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 39: Ghost Rider #35

  1. The visual is so strong, the first time I had the chance to buy some geekwear, I selected two t-shirts with this version of the Ghost Rider on them, one white, one black, and wore them proudly. But I don’t think I was ever a big fan of the character. even if I bought his series for a while.

    Did enjoy the new GR book where he drives a car though,


  2. Frank says:

    Sorry for missing comments on the last couple of episodes. Not a reflection on the shows themselves, but a lack of connection to the books in question. If I recall correctly, X-Men Unlimited was the first new X-title I specifically chose not to even try as I was beginning my purge of those titles in the lead-up to Fatal Attractions (my primary and largely permanent jumping off point from X-fandom.) I collected the Brigade mini-series, which at that time I felt was perhaps the worst comic book I’d ever read, so I did not continue into the first issue of the ongoing (which glutted 5 for $1 bins at the two comic shops I worked at.) I’m also working toward downshifting a bit on podcast production to only one show a week, but I’ve still managed to find time to prepare to launch a new monthly production that will address Brigade relatively soon.

    I thought for sure you had already done other Ghost Rider comics on this show, and was afraid of repeating myself in comments here. As it turns out, I guess I’d conjoined memories of Rolled Spine’s look at the first Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider story in October with discussion of Rise of the Midnight Sons from your Morbius episode that came out around the same time.

    I missed out of Ghost Rider #1, but bought #2 at a flea market comic shop where I specifically remember favoring its purchase over an early Cable appearance in New Mutants that I would later pay dearly for with after-school job money. Between my brother and I, we managed to pick up most if not all of #4-24. When I moved out of state, it was up to me to carry the torch alone on #25-34 or so. If this specific issue wasn’t the last I collected, it was very near to that point.

    As I’ve previously mentioned, Mark Texeira has been one of my favorite comic artists throughout my fandom, so I didn’t realize how much my desire to buy Ghost Rider comics was based solely on my wanting to see Tex draw the Spirit of Vengeance in some capacity. I remember feeling extremely let down to pay the then-exorbitant $2.75 for Ghost Rider #25, the bogus “anniversary issue” with the lame pop-up centerfold drawn by the never-favorite Ron Wagner, but I still thought that I was a fan of the book and the character. I kept up with it through the stupid X-Men crossovers (before Marvel UK hipped me to that massive scam) across all of the polybagged Midnight Sons debuts. It took me too long to realize that three years into the run, I still felt like I was waiting for Howard Mackie to truly begin telling a story with Ghost Rider, instead of just dropping ominous hints and rotating through fight sequences.

    I actually felt bad about dropping the book shortly into Bret Blevins’ run. He’d been a whipping boy in fan circles for drawing the pre-Liefeld New Mutants, but I thought he brought a maniacal energy and flare for ghoulish excess much needed in Ghost Rider after suffering through the dryness of Wagner and the Kuberts (and soon again with Mike Manly.) However, as has often been mentioned, Ghost Rider is a great visual saddled with nothing stories/villains/supporting cast. I made the right call.


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