Episode 37: Brigade #1

After episode 7, which tackled X-Force #1, host Nathaniel Wayne made the foolish claim that he didn’t think he had anymore Rob Liefeld work to get through. He was wrong. Enter Brigade. Will this be the thing that wins Nathaniel over or finally breaks his spirit and drives him mad?

Listen to Episode 37: Brigade #1.

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Finally, a reminder that the podcast theme song is by Erica Driesbach,and you can find more of her work at her website right here.


5 thoughts on “Episode 37: Brigade #1

  1. When you told me you were reviewing BRIGADE #1 on the next episode I cackled with glee, remembering buying the first three issues of this dreadful series when they came out. Then, as you began your review, my heart sank as I realized this was not the same issue #1 that I remembered. I actually had the three-issue miniseries that preceded this one.

    That minor irritation aside, this was a terrific episode. Your unchained enthusiasm for how bad the basic conventions of storytelling were conveyed in this thing brought a smile to my face as I listened in the car. I’m glad to hear you can still find enjoyment in a story that deserves a resounding guilty verdict.


  2. I enjoyed the hell out of this episiode. The description of the story left me howling with laughter. The 90’s had tons of inadvertent hilarity and it was nice to get a bit of a taste of that again. You made me want to get a copy of this comic, just to remind myself how ridiculous that time was.
    Thanks again


  3. Jarrod Alberich says:

    Hey! You have a new listener! Definitely was in my heyday of collecting comics…but even at the age of about 14 I suspected this was an eye-candy, little-substance book… LOL! And thanks for playing the promo for my new show, Comics with Normies! You’re the first person to play it, so again: THANKS!

    Liked by 1 person

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