Episode 36: Web of Spider-Man #111

Time for the friendly neighborhood wallcrawler to deal with the Lizard while also taking care of… ugh… some guy with magenta goggles? Wait, what’s going on?

Listen to Episode 36: Web of Spider-Man #111.

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So it’s been a while since I’ve put scanned pages, but some of this needs to be seen. Written by Terry Kavanagh and art by Alex Saviuk.


For the love of god, somebody call the police and put that man on a list!!!!


I challenge you to find a less intimidating image of the Lizard.

Finally, a reminder that the podcast theme song is by Erica Driesbach,and you can find more of her work at her website right here.


3 thoughts on “Episode 36: Web of Spider-Man #111

  1. Frank says:

    As a defender of characters created for 1993 annuals, I think you’re way too hard on Warrant. I think Warrant said it best with “I don’t need to be a Superman, as long as you’re my biggest fan.” With his big guns and kill crazy attitude, he made it clear “Heaven isn’t too far away; closer to it every day.” Jaimie St. James would be more intimidating than this dude.

    My disdain for Alex Saviuk is well documented across numerous Fire & Water Podcast Network commentary readings, and when I think of Marvel editor/writers born to script bottom rung titles sustained only by a popular starring character, Terry Kavaugh comes readily to mind. I hope we’ll cover some issues with their greatest creation Knightwatch in the future! Hopefully he’ll even battle Warrant and Pedostache! Given Spawn’s early adversaries, that would be appropriate.

    As an Aliens fan, I saw those ads from mail order companies like New England Comics and wished I had access to a comic shop. At a flea market, I managed to get an issue of one of the early painted mini-series that starred Hicks and Newt before they were retconned into new characters after Alien3 came out, but only one, mid-story. I finally had a neighborhood store again in 1992, where I bought a t-shirt, most/all of Earth War with Sam Kieth art, and I specifically bought Hive off the stands new as it came out. Kelly Jones was definitely born to draw xenomorphs in their natural habitat, and the visuals were creepy. All the scientific stuff with the ants left me cold at the time though, and none of the series that followed Hive grabbed me. I think the last time I seriously considered following their comics was the Chris Claremont/Jackson Guice Aliens/Predator maxi-series, but I lost interest in the story and abandoned it early on.


  2. Though my early comics buying was a decade earlier, I feel you on the haphazard purchase of multi-series characters like Spider-Man. Before I started collecting Amazing, I had like one issue of it, a handful of Peter Parkers and the first few Webs, as well as a random sampling of Marvel Team-Up. My Superman and Batman comics of the 80s (especially pre-Crisis) are also all over the map.

    It’s just how it is when you’re a kid trying things. If I were to hold an “80s Comics Retrial”, there would be a lot of orphaned issues, randomly selected off the rack because of the cover, never leading to a second issue because the story was meaningless to me out of context.


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