Episode 32: Spawn #8

Time for that dark knight of the streets: Spawn (what, you thought I’d be referring to somebody else?) For this tour of the Spawn version of Hell, written by the legendary Alan Moore, I thought I’d bring my own Alan to help unpack this: Professor Alan Middleton. Join us on this journey into damnation.

Listen to Episode 32: Spawn #8.

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And I do have a few page samples this time, scripted by Alan Moore with art by Todd McFarlane.


Strangling a child in her sleep: our POV character, ladies and gentlemen. Ain’t he relatable?


Don’t ask how that demon fit in that skin. Those kinds of questions aren’t EXTREME.



Spawn had to be put on a rather extensive workout plan before he was allowed to go to the earthly plane.


Finally, a reminder that the podcast theme song is by Erica Dreisbach, and you can find more of her work at her website right here.


3 thoughts on “Episode 32: Spawn #8

  1. I remember this issue for the cover alone. As you two described the story it occurred to me that I had no recollection of the details, and if I owned this comic I never read it.

    Nice to hear an issue get a positive review (acquittal) once in a while, and of course it’s always great to hear Professor Alan!


  2. The run of guest-written Spawns was very cool. While Alan Moore’s isn’t the most memorable to me, I can well figure the kind of imagination that went into it. I wouldn’t have to guess at it if I just took it out of its longbox, of course.

    The other Image winner, by the way, is Erik Larsen. I’m not mistaken in thinking Savage Dragon is still being published, right?


  3. Frank says:

    I read Spawn through the end of the guest writers series. Three of the stories were mediocre to awful, proving the Image creators may have had a point about the state of the scripts they were getting. However, Dave Sims’ issue was worth the price for the lot. Also, I recall liking Alan Moore’s other Spawn work better than this issue, but I was also really into his WildC.A.T.s and they had a crossover, so that might have influenced my preferences. The late Scott Clark drew those, and his Homage style was more my speed over McFarlane.

    Not only is Savage Dragon still coming out, but Erik Larsen also gave Spawn a shot in the arm at the same time recently with “Satan Saga Wars” after the new creative team of Paul Jenkins and JonBoy Meyers quit within months of taking the book over.


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