Episode 29: X-Men Adventures #6-8

Comic books based off of popular cartoons aren’t exactly the strangest thing in the world, not even in the 90s. However a surge in comics related Saturday morning cartoons led to the curious phenomenon of comic books based off of cartoons based off of comics. Host Nathaniel Wayne looks at three such cases with X-Men Adventures #6-8

Listen to Episode 29: X-Men Adventures #6-8.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 29: X-Men Adventures #6-8

  1. (Blast it, I knew I forgot to comment.)

    I’m so glad you mentioned TMNT Adventures, as that seems to be a well done series that often gets overlooked. Thank you for that.

    I, like you, got tricked into getting some of these X-Men Adventures issues without fully realizing they were direct adaptations. I knew of the series but I assumed they would deviate a bit after the Night of the Sentinels story. Oh foolish foolish me.

    Years later, toward the end of the actual cartoon series (after it had left Fox for CBS and much poorer animation quality), Marvel produced a book called Adventures of the X-Men. X-Men Adventures had ended and Marvel started the other book to continue telling stories about the cartoon cast, but this time around they actually wrote somewhat original stories that were not adaptations of episodes. It lasted 12 issues and promptly saw the end of the animated universe (until the recent X-Men ’92 but I know nothing about that).


  2. Frank says:

    Imma join Clinton in coming late to the potty (Cable is a more fun character if you take his being a Terminator rip-off all the way and pretend he talks like Ahnold.) I recall buying the first issue or two of this as part of the X-Men craze surrounding the period comics and cartoon debut. I think I watched much of the first season, and still have a DIY VHS of the pilot where I decorated the box with pasted on ads and images from the trading cards. I don’t think I had steady access to a television at the time though, or I was just losing interest with all manifestations of the X-brand, but I’d drifted away by the second season. These books were a gateway for my girlfriend though, and the only comics I’m aware of being in her possession are Spanish language versions of X-Men Adventures (and in fact I believe these exact issues, plus a few more.) I think her X-fandom was largely fueled by the cartoon and Mexican versions of the trading cards (which had kewl foil stamping our versions lacked.)


  3. White Tiger is mentioned in the two promos, what are the chances of that?!

    Annnyyyyywayyyyy, I was never really a fan of the X-Men cartoon – a tad too old for that – and all I know is that it drove some of the younger friends absurd fandom for Gambit. So screw that noise. I would not have realized these weren’t Just Another in-Universe X-Men Series(TM) from the covers, that’s for sure.


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