Episode 19: The Amazing Spider-Man #365

It’s time for something of a flashback as host Nathaniel Wayne reviews a mega-sized 30th anniversary issue of Spider-Man… more than a little similar to the one he did back in episode 1 of this very podcast.

Listen to Episode 19: The Amazing Spider-Man #365.


A quick side note, I know that some of you have been missing the selections of internal page scans lately, but things have gotten a little crazy for me to the point that I’m having difficulty keeping the schedule at all. I hope to catch up on the old posts where these were missed and get back into having them be part of the new episode updates, but that’s probably going to be a numerous weeks process. So your patience is appreciated.

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Finally, a reminder that the podcast theme song is by Erica Driesbach,and you can find more of her work at her website right here.


One thought on “Episode 19: The Amazing Spider-Man #365

  1. Wanted to chime in on an old one because I’m heading into back log of podcasts I missed during the summer. After getting through Secret Origins, it’s 90s Comics Retrial’s turn! So you know why it took me this long.

    A book with an ugly hologram cover is lucky not to get the Gavel of Doom! I liked the Prowler well enough, but you’re not wrong about how derivative he was – as much an inspiration for the Spawn visual as Spider-Man was (that’s where I met him, during the MacFarlane run).


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