Episode 12: Wolverine #50

Generally I try to avoid doing the same kind of comic back to back (X-Men related in this case,) but between Deadpool coming out this month and this episode’s guest, burlesque supervillain Alexa Luthor, having a February show to plug this just kind of happened this way. Not a loss though, because Alexa got to come in and talk about everybody’s favorite vertically challenged Canadian!

Listen to Episode 12: Wolverine # 50.


I think somebody may have gotten hold of this file.

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And now for some choice art samples of the story by Larry Hama and art by Mark Silvestri.


Why knock on the door when you can crash through the window?


What’s more distracting: Wolverine’s eyes being right at the secretary’s chest lever or the bald “professor” who ISN’T Xavier?


The solution to every problem is claws!


See? Claws fix it all.

If you want to find out more about Alexa Luthor, check out what’s going on over at Green Mountain Cabaret.

Finally, a reminder that the podcast theme song is by Erica Driesbach, and you can find more of her work at her website right here.


4 thoughts on “Episode 12: Wolverine #50

  1. I had a lot of Wolverine comics from around this time, but this particular issue slipped through the cracks. I don’t remember a whole lot about the stories, but I remember liking them and I think Larry Hama’s run on the character is generally viewed more favorably today than most X-Men stories of the same time.

    Silver Fox was Logan’s love interest for a while until she was murdered by Sabertooth, which was pretty brutal. I’m pretty sure the character is in the Wolverine Origins movie, but that might’ve been Gambit.


  2. Oh, and I loved your commentary about the evil bald professor guy. It reminds me of the time Spider-Man fought this villain with gray hair and a Hitler mustache named Jonah–oh wait, that didn’t happen because they would never do that!


  3. Frank says:

    The Wolverine ongoing series started right around the time I was losing interest in him specifically and the X-Men in general, plus it was outrageously priced at $1.75. My brother bought it irregularly for the first few years, but made it a habit after Marc Silvestri came on, and I read his copies. I moved to another state and bought my own copies sometime around #50, which is weird, because I recall being very unimpressed with the issue. Cover enhancements were still in their early days, and while Ghost Rider needed no excuse to go glow-in-the-dark, at least Silver Surfer #50 was legitimately a key issue involving the revelation of Norrin Radd’s father’s suicide. I’d preordered Wolverine #50, or else I’d have put the dumb fragile die cut cover back on the shelf. Chris Claremont had insinuated Sabretooth was Logan’s father in his last issue on the book, and Barry Windsor-Smith was finally telling the origin story in Marvel Comics Presents’ Weapon X serial. As soon as Larry Hama started writing the book, he made a mission of clouding and contradicting all these revelations to keep Wolverine shrouded in mystery. The result was a lot of stories like this where Wolverine runs around and gets into fights, but the victories are all measured and “everything you thought you knew because we just told you about it six months ago may or may not be a lie!” One step forward, two steps back stringing readers along while insisting on dwelling on non-entities like the Professor (who didn’t look like Xavier when BWS drew him,) Wraith, Maverick– hell even the Native girlfriend Silver Fox that was introduced and murdered in a flashback in two years earlier turned up alive and working for Hydra. When nothing is definite, nothing matters.

    Aside from the story arc where they killed off Mariko in something of a coda to the Frank Miller mini-series (where I wrote one of my rare fan letter to no notice,) Wolverine remained a bubble book on my subscription list for another year or two, mostly thanks to my love of replacement artist Mark Texeira, but once he left I was ready as well. I’d had enough of all the circular plots and Logan’s neutered adventures. The best the dude could do with three footlong katana blades extending from his fists were shredding clothes and superficial scratches? He wouldn’t even take out Mariko’s killer? This guy wasn’t EXTREME enough, and 80s EXTREME was all he had going for him anymore. Speaking of codas, the Fatal Attractions crossover arc where Logan lost his adamantium was the official jump-off point for me on all my remaining x-titles essentially to this day (odd issue reading aside.)


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