90s Comics Advertising: Battletoads


It’s like they’re calling out some popular 90s property… It’s slipping my mind though.

The new episode will be out next week, so to hold the legions of ravenous fans at bay, I present another sampling of amazingly 90s advertisements. I actually had this game and got farther in it than most people I know (yes, I did get through the speed bike section that you have to memorize because it’s way too fast for a human to react to.) I didn’t beat it though. Nobody ever beat it. EVER.



One thought on “90s Comics Advertising: Battletoads

  1. I know I had this game because the advertising spoke to me and the concept seemed so awesome! So gnarly! So bodacious!

    Today, I have zero memory of the actual game. I don’t remember the premise. I don’t remember what the graphics look like. I don’t remember if it was hard or easy. Nothing substantive about it…. Pure ’90s!


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