Episode #9: The Amazing Spider-Man #362 & 363

When it comes to comic book characters who were conceived in and then went onto dominate the 90s there are a few heavy hitters. Spawn and Cable probably leap to people’s minds. But on the villain front it’s hard to argue that there’s any character more 90s than the Spider-Man foe known as Carnage. In this episode, host Nathaniel Wayne takes on the super powered serial killer’s first story arc.

Listen to Episode 9: The Amazing Spider-Man 362 & 363.


So many teeth!


The villains you know and love! Plus a hero too, we guess.

You can subscribe to the Council of Geeks Podcast, home of 90s Comics Retrial on iTunes or on Stitcher. And now for some interior pages from writer David Michelinie and artist Mark Bagley.


If I have to have the image of a naked Eddie Brock in my head than so does EVERYONE!


Carnage: Twice as deadly and ten times as snarky!


“Savage Grace?” But the villain’s name isn’t Savage. Shouldn’t it be “Carnal Grace?”


Oh the “NOT!” joke, there’s no way that will ever be dated.


Just look at the art and don’t read ANY of the text and this is pretty cool… Seriously, don’t read the text.

Finally, a reminder that the podcast theme song is by Erica Driesbach,and you can find more of her work at her website right here.


One thought on “Episode #9: The Amazing Spider-Man #362 & 363

  1. Carnage came on the scene after I left Marvel comics altogether, but let my secret shame be known that as a teenager(ish), I had a letter published in Amazing that gushed about Venom.

    But yeah, I can see these would be close calls. Michelinie and Bagley are both good creators. The former had done some good work for Marvel and DC before this point, and Bagley’s career still stretched out ahead of him. Of course both are kind of doing “90s comics”, which don’t play to either’s strengths.

    While I don’t need nudity the way Ryan does (Brock’s butt is more than enough, thank you) and my own space (if not podcast) is clean, I have to wonder why the blog (or any blog) has to be “safe for work”. I mean, should you be reading comic book blogs at work? One for the employers…


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