Episode #5: Web of Spider-Man 109

This stand alone issue of Web of Spider-Man tries to give a new spin on the Shocker. However it’s so insecure about its story that it splits the cover between that and the prologue for the next issue, and throws in a more EXTREME hero than Spidey for good measure. I brought along my friend Sean McFeeley for this one to help unpack this one full story, one story prologue and one of the most random interludes I’ve ever seen in a comic book.

Listen to Episode 5: Web of Spider-Man #109.


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And now here are your choice page samplings of this book from the issue, with the main story written by Joey Cavalieri and art by Rurik Tyler. The secondary story was written by Terry Kavanagh with art by Alex Saviuk, who also did the cover art.

Introducing: the Night Monologuer!

Introducing: the Night Monologuer!



Look at that last panel an try not thinking

Look at that last panel an try not thinking “I’m a sad pineapple.” I challenge you!

Gaze into my breasts!

Gaze into my breasts!

Here it is! The EPIC showdown promised by the cover that will go down as one of the all time- oh, it's over.

Here it is! The EPIC showdown promised by the cover that will go down as one of the all time- oh, it’s over.

And while Sean might not have had anything to plug I DO want to bring your attention to Erica Dreisbach, who was generous enough to compose the brand new 90s Comics Retrial theme music that you heard at the beginning and end of this episode. You can find more of her work at her website right here.

Finally, we’ll end this post with the vital design tips that we all know were the REAL selling point of any Spidey story.

Better Homes and Webbing.

Better Homes and Webbing.


2 thoughts on “Episode #5: Web of Spider-Man 109

  1. Hi Nathaniel! First time writer, Newly-Introduced Ancient Rival! Really enjoying your 90s Comic Retrial show! I’m honored to be name checked in your opening montage. Thanks!

    I burned through all the episodes today and had a blast. It was fun to hear Sean on this episode and your coverage of Web of Spider-Man kept me smiling. A quick note (since you refuse to do research), Calypso had been around since the 1980s, however, she had been recently re-popularized by Todd McFarlane during his Adjective-less Spider-Man run. The constant drumming sound in the Web of Spider-Man comic was a reoccurring annoyance in the McFarlane issues (Todd may have come up with this aspect). Final thought on this issue, how did you get through this episode without one “Shocker” innuendo?!?!

    You mentioned you picked up this comic when you were twelve. That explains the premise of this podcast! There is an old expression, “The Golden Age of Comics was whatever you were reading when you were twelve”. Podcast Explained!

    For my own connection to 90s comics, I started reading comics heavily in 1983 (I was 11) and am still reading today. More relevantly, I managed a comic book store from November 1991 through January 1996. I was in the trenches, knee-deep in cover enhancements, speculators, and late-shipping titles during this era. Listening to your show is entertaining, yet worries me about the potential of PTSD.

    With that said, there were many 90s comics that are worth celebrating. While they may not exist in your collection, they might be worth exploring on a “very special episode”. Titles such as: Starman by James Robinson; Captain America by Mark Waid; Spider-Man 2099; Namor by John Byrne; Kingdom Come; Thunderbolts by Kurt Busiek; Daredevil by Karl Kesel & Cary Nord; Robin by Chuck Dixon; Flash by Mark Waid; Spectre by John Ostrander & Tom Mandrake; Untold Tales of Spider-Man by Kurt Busiek; Hulk by Peter David; and many more that I’m forgetting right now.

    Really enjoying the show! Keep up the great work!

    The Irredeemable Shag


  2. I don’t know that Night Thrasher is trying to get a boost from Spider-Man here, as he was fairly established as the New Warriors’ leader, a minor team book that apparently enjoyed some popularity, somehow. He died in Civil War, I’m told.

    So not in my collection, obviously. The only issue of Web I know I have for sure is one with the Slug, AKA the guy who wanted to out-obese the Kinbpin.


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