Episode #1: Spider-Man 26

Nathaniel Wayne begins his trip down memory lane by revisiting the comics from his personal collection. Such a shame that they’re all from the 1990s. This first outing gives a bit of a summery of what Nathaniel hopes to accomplish with the podcast as well as a quick rundown of some of the reasons people prefer to forget 90s comics before launching into a look at the holographic covered Spider-Man #26. That’s John Romita art being put through the holographic ringer in case you were wondering.

Listen to Episode 1: Spider-Man 26

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A few choice samplings from the comic itself, all from the main story “With Great Responsibility,” written by Tom DeFalco with art by Ron Frenz and Mark Bagley.


Force-field ramping, the newest X-Games sport!

Cheesecake was alive and well in the 1990s.

Cheesecake was alive and well in the 1990s.



No joke for this one. It's genuinely the best moment in the book.

No joke for this one. It’s genuinely the best moment in the book.

Way to stay out until dawn when your wife was waiting for you at home in a freaking teddy!

Way to stay out until dawn when your wife was waiting for you at home in a freaking teddy!

Come back in a week when Nathaniel will dive into the world of Image with Spawn #1.


3 thoughts on “Episode #1: Spider-Man 26

  1. I’ve been waiting months for this podcast and the first episode did not let me down! I really enjoyed the intro skit, not because I was part of it, but because it set the premise and the tone of the show without bogging it down in comics minutiae or inside jokes. The expository opening monologue was great. It had the simple but all-important job of explaining the what, the why, and the how of this podcast. Check, check, and check!

    I had planned to follow along with this issue on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited only to discover inexplicably that it’s not available. It’s hard to imagine Marvel hasn’t digitized every Spidey story at this point, but it looks like the only issues from “Adjectiveless” Spider-Man Marvel Unlimited has are the first six issues by McFarlane and the tie-ins to “Maximum Carnage” and the Clone Saga. Thankfully, your recap of the issue was clear and detailed and I never felt confused by the story or that I was missing something.

    Interesting thought on the usage of thought bubbles as I think many veteran readers today would like to see them return to comics, if for no other reason than it makes the reading experience longer. But I think thought bubbles have been replaced by first person narrative captions. I’m okay with it because, like you said, a lot of the comics I read in the ’90s when I was first falling in love with the medium either over-used thought bubbles or just used them poorly. And if Spidey’s thought- and word-balloons are interchangeable, one of them isn’t being used correctly.

    Great first episode! The premise of this show is clear. The story recap and analysis were thorough, and the judgement is fair.

    Next case!


  2. Great opener to this show! Ryan Daly as prosecutor? Makes sense.

    The 90s made me quit Marvel entirely (I think the end point was the release of X-Men #1) and looking at their garish covers through the decade, I never felt much in the way of regret. So I’ll be discovering a lot of these with you.

    Fun stuff!


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