Launching on Wednesday 10/7

Just a few of the titles I'll be tackling

Just a few of the titles I’ll be tackling

Greetings folks! Yeah, I know. Not much to look at right now. There was even less before I realized that since I put the promo out there, I should probably have SOMETHING on the website.

So I guess a mission statement is as good as anything. Here I’ll be revisiting my own personal comic book collection, which I retrieved from my mother’s attic and consists of comic books that I purchased between 1992 and 1996 (the only period in which I was buying monthly issues as opposed to trade paperbacks or collections.) I’m going to be going through this collection issue by issue, and giving these books a retrial. Why do they need a retrial? Well, because most comics fans have written off anything that the mainstream comics industry pushed out during the 1990s, so in the culture these have already been deemed guilty of 90s awefulness. With me, they get a second shot.

As far as what’s going to be covered, it’s largely going to be Marvel and Image titles, because that’s what I was buying at the time. There won’t be much DC, and there’ll be a small helping of Dark Horse but not too much of that either. So if you were after a broader look at 1990s comics… well, I guess my tastes at the time were a bit narrow so it is what it is.

This coming Wednesday will mark the first episode, in which I’ll revisit Spider-Man #26. The first few episodes will be me hoofing it solo, but down the line I’ll be bringing in some guests to help me plow through these things and in my own small way try to answer the question: were 90s comics really that bad? … Probably, but they’ll get their shot at redemption anyways.

The podcast will be part of the Council of Geeks podcast, available on iTunes, so you can subscribe to Council of Geeks now and beat the rush!

See you on Wednesday!


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